The Bujinkan Dojo 武神館道場 (Warrior-Spirit Hall School) was founded in 1972 by Dr Masaaki Hatsumi (初見良昭) who inherited the title of Soke 宗家 (Grandmaster) of the following Nine Martial Arts Lineages (Ku Ryuha 九流派):

Some of the above traditions can be traced back through an unbroken line of Master to Student instruction spanning almost one thousand years. Some of the Nine Traditions were used by the Shinobi (Ninja spies of medieval Japan) exclusively, and others were used by both Samurai (medieval Warrior Knights of Japan) and Ninja.

Contrary to popular misconception, Samurai and Ninja were not exclusive classes of Warrior in conflict with each other. In most cases, a Ninja was a Samurai who was also trained in espionage and guerilla warfare tactics (the collective techniques called Ninjutsu) in addition to their formal Samurai training.

Any recorded battles between “Samurai” and “Ninja”, were based on which political warlord either served at the time (or regional districts that each were protecting), and most likely both sides used Ninja to obtain Intelligence on the opposing force’s abilities. This is why the Nine Traditions of the Samurai and Ninja complement each other and have been handed down together through Japanese history.

Over time various Grandmasters of the above Nine Traditions trained and learned from each other and thus subsequent generations inherited Mastership of more than one Ryu (School) and as such, all Nine were inherited by Dr Masaaki Hatsumi and unified under the banner of Bujinkan.